Please remember to turn-off cell phones before entering the church. Do not drink holy water before receiving Holy Communion. Lipstick should be removed before receiving Holy Communion. Dress for church not for sports or social events. There is a dress-code for church. There is a sign in the vestibule that helps with that. The priest is not interested in being the “clothing cop”. Each person is responsible to properly dressed.


Our parish is now in its 4th month of the 2019 Pledge Program. Why is it important to make a pledge commitment? Pledging makes it possible for Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church to meet expenses and provide programs. It provides church leadership with an understanding of the resources that can be available for these commitments. Why does my gift matter? Pledging is about what we can do. It is also about who we are making a commitment and giving annually to the church is one of the ways we express what it means to be disciples and a part of this faith community. By being generous in our financial giving, we express our gratitude for what God is doing in our own life.


The first session for the discussion of the proposed Parish By-laws will be on Sunday, September 15th following the Divine Liturgy. Bring your copy. The second session will be on Sunday, October 13th. . The Parish Council will submit the resolution to accept the By-Laws at our Annual Parish Assembly on November 10th. The resolution will be submitted without discussion.

October 26th. NJ FROC District Convention and Cabaret The Convention is at Saints Peter and Paul Church, 9 Jeffrie Avenue South River 0882 at 6:30 pm followed by Cabaret Night at Ria Mar Restaurant, 25 Whitehead, Avenue. Admission Adults-$35 and Children—$25. RSVP by Oct 27th to Rebecca Kozak, (973) 634 -7517.

October 27th The Spirit of Orthodoxy Choir is giving a concert on Sunday October 27th, 4 pm at Saint Anthony’s Orthodox Church, Bergenfield, NJ.

October 31st and November 1. The annual Diocesan Assembly will be at Holy Trinity Parish, East Meadow, New York.

November 3rd Daylight Savings Time. Turn your clocks back.

November 10th Annual Parish Assembly.

November 16th Bible Bowl. Hosted at Holy Resurrection Church, Wayne, 11 am to 2 pm.

November 24th Choir Rehearsal

November 30/December 1 Visitation of Archbishop Michael. Vespers and Hierarchical Divine Liturgy